Woman at peace on the beach during sunrise.
Good day…

Have you been experiencing unexplainable lethargism?
Have you found that your smile has been kept upside down?
Has it gotten harder and harder for you to give a rat’s ass?
Has the economy got you down?

Well then….
You are not the only one.
Let me introduce you to Laughsatrix.

Laughsatrix. The new endorphin inducing medication.
Brought to you by Smiles-A-Lot Pharmaceuticals, Laughsatrix comes with the single purpose chemical make up guaranteed to make your day. 

Do you find that being quarantined isn’t the life for you?
Do you see yourself getting more and more done with the world?

Well, with tablets shaped as whatever object you wish*,
Laughsatrix is specifically designed to improve your mood instantly!
Heavily packed with endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin,
Laughsatrix is sure to be the sunny solution to your rainy day.

*Laughsatrix is a prescription drug and can not be bought over the counter. Please consult your primary care physician about getting custom shaped tablets delivered TO YOUR DOCTOR’S OFFICE, not your home. Custom shaped tablets will not affect the chemical makeup of your medication. 

**Possible side effects may include uncontrollable laughter, pain in facial muscles due to non stop smiling, shade from others due to unnecessarily high positive attitude, back pain caused by a lot of sex from bae, lack of alone time due to happy in laws always calling and coming over, weight loss due to sudden energetic personality and outlook on life, and not death.

If you or a loved one are experiencing sadness or are feeling a little blue
During these trying times,
Don’t forget about Laughsatrix.
Who knows? It may be just what the doctor prescribed!

And remember….
Don’t worry too much.

Stay calm and be happy.
At least, you’re alive to read this (hopefully a little funny) blog post! :D

***Please use caution when prescribing and taking Laughsatrix. Laughsatrix has been known to be highly addictive and has been known to cause too much and unnecessary laughter, even at lame Dad jokes. Please prescribe and take responsibly.

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