Rinse and Repeat!

Beautiful, strong, independent woman.
Why is he staring at me?
Don’t look over here,
I have nothing for you.
I must stay clear.
So entitled, this man.
Look at him, as he claims what is already mine.

He is still looking at me.
I think I have to run,
Very far away from this man.
But, alas, it has already begun,
The catcall, his comments and more,
All from this oh so entitled man.
But ladies, here we go,
Nut punch (oooh), pepper spray! (yess), scream for help (piercing),
Leaving me so sore.
All from me, but no one came, leaving me so alone.

But I am fighter, a stubborn and strong little lady, so it's okay,
Because now, on this ground, unconscious, this once entitled man lay.

Rinse and repeat.

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