It Kills Me.

Sad girl looking at flowers in a garden.
Ça me tue que je dois te dire pas encore.

I want to be with you.
Have kids with you.
Build a family with you.
Be the first you see in the morning,
And have you be the last I see at night.
I’d love where we live,
Because it’d be a place that we’d give
All for us to be, like our skin at night, so tight.

Mais ça me tue de te dire, pas encore.

Because I think about you a lot.
Because I want us to be all that we’ve got.
Because just like the moon and the sun,
When the world would’ve gone down, forgotten,
We, like the eagles, would’ve risen.
Because it is you who completes me,
Even if, precisely that, it takes them a lifetime to see.

Mais ça me tue de te dire, pas encore.
For what shall you have me do?
When you are so far away,
And only through these screens, I can say,

I love you.

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