Dear Ms. Maya…..

Beautiful and proud black woman posing for photo.
Dear Ms. Maya, as a black female too,
What an honour it would've been, 
To have just been in the same room as you.
You fought and wrote and had seen,
The different sides of this life, and yet, too soon,
To heaven you went, and since, have been.

For dear Ms. Maya was a woman,
A mother, a poet, a writer,
A survivor and someone’s sun.
Black, quiet tall and proud,
Though, for a time, she didn’t make a sound.
But still, like the dust, she rose.

I found your Golden Rule, dear Ms. Maya,
That you were born to work, but not as a mule
However, I will not work till my grave.
I was born of woman, just like you,
Not to be a slave, and you too.

For from under the rocks of history’s shame
We’re still rising, dear Ms. Maya
Out of the fields soiled with pain
We’re still rising, 
For I too, am a black ocean leaping and wide,
Through the present and future, with my massive roars and tide.

Dear Ms. Maya, I left behind the terror and fear,
And stepped into a daybreak that was wondrously clear.
I brought the gifts my mothers and fathers gave,
I too, became their hope and their dream.
I still, and will continue, to rise.

Because I too, dear Ms. Maya,
Am a woman,
Yes, phenomenal woman,
I like that….. yeah…. that too, is who I’ll be.

Rest in peace, Maya Angelou.
References: ‘One More Round’, ‘And Still I Rise’ and ‘Phenomenal Woman’.

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