Fire breathing monster on top of building.
I would like to introduce myself.
I’m new to this game,
I’m new to this world.
There aren’t many like me,
And it scares me, existing in this fold.
But I’ll do it anyway,
I’ll do it for him.
I’ll step into the light and burn my skin.

Not too long ago, I landed here,
On this thing you call Earth.
You had taken him hostage,
Since his beautiful birth.
Made him think he belonged to you,
And was made to please your youth.
But I am here to remind you,
He is a monster, whom you can not soothe.

And since he’s the monster,
I’ll be the monsterette.
So please, oh please,
Do not regret your decision,
When you’re caught in this monster’s net.

With my blue flames, I spit,
And burn your existence away.
Till beside me, he will sit,
And make you remember and rue that day.

Pray that the odds be in your favour.
For there will be no saviour, for you, or him, or her any longer.
Our claws will dig deep and cut even deeper,
And with long tails will we sweep, in multitudes, all into a heap
I say, this sweet vengeance, for him, I will savour. 

My name is monsterette,
And I have come for him.
Shhh, relax, your chances are less than slim,
For now, you have already been caught in this monster’s net.

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