Mr. Worldwide Handsome

A single indigo florescent flower amidst darkness and small lights.
Look at me at your own risk.
I’m a seductive flower.
They tremble in their hearts when they see me,
And can’t fathom that I am before them and turn sour.

These broad shoulders are a menace,
And should be tried as such.
For so many young lives have been lost,
Under the weight of the beauty of this my face.

‘Sigh’ I think to myself,
For it is hard being me.
Mr. Worldwide Handsome, they call,
As they wish, I know they wish that they could keep me on their shelf.

I’m sorry ladies, this face is mine to keep.
But I care, so share I shall.
Let me not be in vain, my being ethereal,
For this coming out to you is much too deep.

I shall take my rest now,
And let my dreams show me the map through my soul.
Till seven exits to the real world it finds,
Until then, ladies, young and old, I shall take my bow.


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