Ah, home…

A woman looking at a city skyline.

Who needs a crosswalk?

Who needs mom’s lessons of looking left and right?

You hit me. I become a millionaire.

Who needs to wait for the white man?

All I see are clear lanes.

I’m walking on.

But You are very much welcome!

Rudeness is kindness,

And kindness is weakness.

But weakness is not necessarily a bad thing.

Use it as your shield.

Go there before they do.

Because they will.

But if you do first, it won’t hurt.

So go ahead. Show them your flaws and your heart on your sleeve.

They can’t touch you.

So please come. You are very much welcome!

Have you seen our Lady and her torch?

Have you been to our massive art building?

Have you been to the top of our changing colours?

Have you walked through our central park?

Have you tried all of our different types of food? 

Can you?

Go ahead, try it. You are very much welcome!

Where is Albany?

There’s an Oswego?

I think I’ve heard of Buffalo…

What is a Long Island?

The iced tea?

We make it well. You are very much welcome!

We are black,

We are white,

We are yellow,

We are brown,

And every colour in between.

We have accents,

And we don’t.

We cover our hair,

And our faces,

And we don’t.

We pray

And we don’t.

We are loud,

And we are not.

We go to sleep,

Most don’t.

We learn to drive,

Most still don’t know how to.

We love each other,

And we love ourselves.

We are prideful,

And we are faithful.

We are New York City. And You are very much welcome!

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