Assimilate, I say, ASSIMILATE!

An African woman with an Afro.

Don’t go there,

Don’t stay there,

Don’t think that you’ll miss it.

You won’t.

This is better,

This is life,

This is life now.

Nothing else left.

This is life now.

Do you want to be a pillar of salt?

Do you want to watch as they burn it to the ground?

Is that going to be your last view?

No, not mine.

And no, not yours.

Assimilate, I say, assimilate!

Do this for us,

Do this for you.

This… is life,

This is life now.

It’s all gone,

There’s nothing left to see back there anymore,

Nothing over there will ever keep you warm again.

This… is life,

This is life now.

Assimilate. Assimilate, I say.

It’ll be better for both of us.

I promise.


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